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Top Tips for Dehydrated Skin.

Dehydrated skin

If your skin looks and feel dry or even flaky, you may automatically think – ‘I have dry skin’

Take a minute and ask yourself ...

Has my skin always been like this? If this is new or does your skin feels drier than normal, you may have Dehydrated Skin.

What is the difference between Dry and Dehydrated skin?

Dry skin is skin that is low in sebaceous activity. Basically, this means it does not produce a lot of oils. And is a genetic predisposition, just who you are.

Dehydrated skin is low in water. It is more lifestyle related, maybe you are low in fatty acids, or other nutrients, alcohol consumption, misuse of skincare or harsh weather conditions.

So, if you have dehydrated skin, your skin maybe still producing sebum and all the good oils, but your body is using them and taking them away.

*side fact - oily skin can be dehydrated too!

What to do about dehydrated skin?

Well obviously, you can drink more water, yes very important. Change your lifestyle habits that maybe be affecting your beautiful skin care. Or if you feel like you are passed all that go see a medical professional and get tested to see what your body is lacking. You may be surprised how easily you can get on top of low nutrients 😊.

Then of course, you know what’s coming – Moisturise!!! Yes, use products that are quality and have stable ingredients. You are worth it! It really does not take long for your skin to improve, maybe a week or two with a bit of care.

Chemistry has a part of course!

Formulators are constantly thinking about what people's different skin needs are, and how each product will perform in a skin care product.

For dry and dehydrated skin, oils that are easily absorbed is the key for the base. Water is important to help carry ingredients and moisture into the skin fast. Then I think actives…. OMGosh I love actives, there are so many new ingredients to use. I like using a well-engineered and clinically proven ingredient– yes, my number one thing, then I like to think about what would complement that and I build a story of what everything is doing.

chemistry table

Your part in this….


Use a moisturiser, use the richest one your skin will absorb!

For your face, for an added layer of moisture - using an oil base serum or face oil before applying moisturiser is a great idea.

Do all this especially at night. Night time is peak body rejuvenation time, so let's help it as much as we can.

In the morning if your skin is usually dry and can handle rich creams, do the same thing as the night time routine, oil first then a moisturiser.

Now let’s talk humectants - A key ingredient to moisturise and strengthen your skin. Our goal is to make our skin retain elasticity to hold in collagen and moisture. Humectants are ingredients that water is drawn to. It draws it in and holds it. Glycerine is a very common humectant and now the Queen of humectants we all love is Hyaluronic acid, just like glycerine but on steroids, a good quality hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times its weight in water.

So that leads me to this next moisture tip…… wash your face in cool water, leave the skin moist then apply hyaluronic serum. Wait a few moments and apply moisturiser, imagine the moisturiser sealing in the water. That hyaluronic is actually holding water in your skin! Amazing!!!, like I said I love a good active. 😊

Our Hyaluronic Serum also contains Aloe Vera Juice (a great source of vitamin c) - meaning you can promote your skin’s elasticity while simultaneously moisturising.  

aloe juice


Yes, still clean your face well, it is important to remove any dirt and toxins you collect over time. Now choose a cream-based cleanser. Stay away from detergent or soap-based cleansers, these will irritate your skin even more.

Our Exfoliating Face Cream Cleanser also contains Mango Seed Butter - an ingredient known to nourish irritated skin and provide extreme hydration.


If you use a toner, use a natural based toner, like a witch hazel or flower water-based toner.

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Avoid any harsh exfoliating scrubs or clay masks - they will soak up any oils or moisture that is available, when you are trying to hold on to moisture.

Don’t have any products to start?

Use what you have until you can buy some quality skincare. Skincare is affordable if you shop carefully.

In the meantime, go into your kitchen and find the best plant oil you have. Coconut Oil is great and Olive oil can be good if your skin is usually dry. You can use these to clean and moisturise your skin. Not the best long-term solution, but okay if you are desperate.

Vegan skin care products are those that are made without any animal-derived ingredients or byproducts, and are not tested on animals. These products are made with plant-based ingredients and are often formulated with natural and organic ingredients. Vegan skincare products can be beneficial for those with sensitive skin, as they are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. They are also a more ethical and sustainable option for those who are conscious about the impact of their choices on the environment and animal welfare. Vegan skin care products can include cleansers, moisturizers, serums, toners, and more.

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