About Us

A little story of Beautiful Skin Australia and the creator, Fiona Payne (me)

Beautiful Skin Australia products are made in a small seaside town in Queensland, Australia. Every product is inspired by nature.

Fiona Payne (me) is the creator of every product; everything is made onsite. I am a cosmetic chemist, vegan, beach lover, bird watching mum of 2 great kids. I have been in this industry for 25 years! (Omg I am showing my age lol) I love everything that the Australian landscape has to offer, I find nature inspirational and my love for the outdoors drives me to create better skin care. I’m middle aged (kakmmm) and my love for the outdoors is catching up on me. I am sun smart now, but I haven’t always been.

I used to be 100% natural with everything and inspired to be a purist. But the reality of life and family etc. sets in and now I get as close to nature as I can. I am super passionate about making and using products that have real results. I don’t have time for ridged skin care routines, some days I only manage a quick smudge of moisturiser before bed. So that moisturiser has to work for me.

We are so lucky to live in this era of really smart technology and super smart people. There are so many new really active ingredients and so much now is cruelty free and naturally sourced. I love trying these out and I won’t compromise once I love a product.

I would love this new range to get out to people, like me who just love beautiful skin care.